Noise & Vibration Control Solutions

DTI is a leading innovator and manufacturer of application-specific passive damping systems. We help our customers create better, safer, and more durable products by solving their noise and vibration problems.

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What Is Damping?

Learn about damping, common terminology, and how damping is used to control excessive noise and vibration.

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Noise Control

High-performing passive damping systems which dissipate excessive sound and create quieter products.

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Vibration Control

countermeasures for
resonant vibration issues.

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High Cycle Fatigue

Solutions which protect instruments and components from excessive wear
caused by high cycle fatigue.

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Analysis & Consulting

Offering rapid implementation of noise and vibration solutions by a trusted leader in the industry.

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VBT 3.0 System

DTI's one-of-a-kind system
for testing and designing
passive damping systems.

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