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Noise and vibration issues can create quality problems that harm customer relationships across industries. That’s why we create both proprietary standard products and tailored solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications. Our application-specific products are designed to maximize performance at the lowest possible weight, reducing fuel burn and emissions and extending travel times.

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Aerospace & Defense

Demonstrated success in business
and commercial aviation, military
and space applications.

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Noise and vibration solutions
for high-end yachts, racing vessels, submarines, and large ships.

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Consumer Products

Engineered vibration control
solutions for consumer electronics,
appliances, and more.

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Ground Vehicles

Noise control solutions for
cars, trucks, trains and rail cars,
buses, and heavy equipment.

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Scientific Instruments

Vibration control solutions
that protect delicate equipment
and scientific instrumentation.

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Sporting Goods

Vibration control solutions for
sports equipment to help athletes perform at their best when it counts.

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